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Residents Organising Against Roundup brochure (89KB)

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South Australian Task Force on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Responding To The Public Health Crisis Of Chemical Injury
PO Box 3308, Port Adelaide, 5015
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Residents Organising Against Roundup herbicide

Public Health Rally

To protest against the Council’s widespread use of herbicide in our streets and parks

Thursday 1 March, 2007
12 noon to 1pm

Port Adelaide Enfield Civic Centre
163 Saint Vincent St,
Port Adelaide

It kills frogs and fish – but is the Roundup herbicide being sprayed in our local streets and parks making you and your children sick?

New research has shown that Roundup is associated with a number of growing public health problems such as:


Attention Deficit Disorder


Birth defects

Reproductive problems

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Acute health problems from exposure to Roundup include:

Eye pain / burning / irritation

Blurred vision

Swollen eyes, face and joints

Skin rash / blisters

Rapid heartbeat

Heart palpitations

High blood pressure

Chest pains

Coughing / breathing problems



Facial numbness

Itchy / burning / tingling skin

Recurrent eczema


Chemical sensitivity

Stop the irresponsible use of herbicide in our streets and parks by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a serious and growing public health problem that affects people of all ages, races and economic backgrounds. People with MCS are made sick by exposure to chemicals found in common products such as pesticides, herbicides, perfumes, tobacco smoke, new carpets, air “fresheners”, new paint and building materials, and many cleaning and laundry products.

Symptoms of MCS vary from mild to life threatening and include headache, asthma, nausea, diarrhoea, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, dizziness, irregular heart beat and seizures. MCS symptoms in children include attention deficit, hyperactivity and other learning and behavioural problems. People with severe MCS are often diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In 2005 a Parliamentary Inquiry into MCS in SA found that herbicides such as Roundup have been associated with MCS and warned that this evidence should not be ignored. The Inquiry recommended that local Councils adopt “No-Spray Registers” to identify people with MCS in the community.

But if these chemicals cause serious public health problems, why are they being sprayed in our streets and parks?

In the USA and Canada many local Councils have stopped using herbicides in street maintenance, with some even placing bans on the use of herbicides and pesticides in private gardens. We need similar reforms in Australia in the interests of public health.

Prevent MCS – Avoid Herbicide

This is a smoke- and fragrance-free event
Out of respect for people with multiple chemical sensitivity please avoid wearing strong personal fragrances such as perfume, aftershave and essential oils when attending this meeting.
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