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The Coalition on the Office of Chemical Safety – not much, but better than nothing

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Ballot boxMCS Task Force convenor Peter Evans wrote to the Coalition regarding the huge inertia surrounding a review by theOffice of Chemical Safetyof the needs of people with MCS.

It’s a short reply.

Peter Evans writes:

Below is a letter regarding MCS from the Coalition’s election campaign director, which states that the Coalition is “extremely supportive of the review currently being undertaken by the Office of Chemical Safety” and that the “Coalition is committed to effective community consultation once the review is complete”.

To date I have not had any similar detailed correspondence from any other party, although an e-mail from Kevin Rudd advised that he has referred the matter to Nicola Roxon MP, Shadow Minister for Health, and the Australian Democrats Senator Lyn Allison did ask questions on the MCS review in the Senate.

Peter Evans


Here is the letter from the Coalition:


Mr Peter Evans
SA Taskforce on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
PO Box 3308

Dear Mr Evans:

Thank you for providing the opportunity to outline the views of the Coalition on the issue of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). On behalf of Coalition Members of Parliament and candidates, I am pleased to respond to your recent email.

The Coalition is extremely supportive of the review currently being undertaken by the Office of Chemical Safety within the Department of Health and Ageing into the key research needs on MCS.

As you would be aware, the review will identify priority areas for further study by the research community as well as establishing practical measures to improve the management of the chronic symptoms of MCS.

The Coalition is committed to effective community consultation once the review is completed.

Beyond this issue, I believe the choice at the coming election will be the starkest for a generation and you can be assured our policies reflect both the plans and experience of the Government, in contrast to the risk posed by a Labor Party with 70 percent of its front bench drawn from trade unions.

In particular, we will be asking Australians to consider which can best maintain a vibrant economy creating employment and wealth for individual Australians and the means by which government can invest significantly in areas such as health, education, the environment or assisting the disadvantaged. The Coalition’s early announcement of a bold and wide-ranging tax reform plan to significant [sic] reduce taxes for all individual taxpayers and build a competitive world class tax system is an example of what is possible through disciplined economic management over many years.

Mail Box 11, 120 Collins Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Ph 03 8637 2400 Fax 03 9662 9493



Here is a scan of the letter:

Click on image to enlarge:

Letter scan
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