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Another candidate responds – positively

Wednesday 21 November 2007

David WrightPolly Chaser Dr Russell Pace lobbied David Wright (pictured), the independent candidate for the seat of Grey.

Mr Wright responded. He has a personal connection with ME/CFS.

Here is David Wright’s letter:


David Wright Independent for Grey

David Wright
44 Stuart Terrace,
Port Augusta,
South Australia, 5700
mobile: 0412 860 715

Dear ME/CFS members,

I’m writing to say that I will fully support the aims and objectives of your campaign and organisation for people affected by Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I have a personal interest in these issues through my cousin Russell Pace who brought this matter to my attention. He is one of your members and also suffers from ME/CFS.

If elected to parliament I will promote, advocate and vote for the policy initiatives you’ve recommended in your letter to candidates.

I’m the only Independent candidate in Grey. I’ve noticed that many organisations have a reticence to lobby independents. Perhaps it is because independents don’t easily appear on the radar screen. However, could I in the interest of a full democratic debate say that if more attention was given to independent candidates the major parties would start taking more notice. The last thing the two major parties want is a third force in politics.

I have a website,, and I would invite you and your members to have a look at the issues that I am campaigning on. In the main I aim to be a voice for the small, marginalized and those considered politically insignificant by the major parties. There’s enough of us to make a difference.

I understand the difficulties of getting noticed, getting funding, getting my message out and even being actively marginalised, misunderstood, ignored and derided.

I primarily stood for parliament to advocate for the needs of the Aboriginal people in the Grey who are experiencing these difficulties as a way of life. As I’ve spoken to people around Grey I’ve noticed that there are a many other people whose needs don’t get heard above the dominating influence of more powerful groups that have the resources to court the major parties.

Contrary to popular opinion voting for smaller parties & Independent candidates can be productive. Our voting system is a preferential model. By voting ‘1’ for an independent or minor party who supports your cause you can send a message to the major parties. If your first preference is “excluded” as part of the preferential counting process (usually happens to candidates with a lower primary vote) then your vote will flow onto your second preference (perhaps your preferred party for Government?). If you vote for a major party pulling in a high primary vote count, your vote is counted once and the preferences usually ignored – so the message can be lost. The bigger the vote the more positive is the attention given to the protest group.

And if by some extraordinary swing, the independent or minor party candidate is elected then there are upsides as well. Should the election this week result in a close 50/50 parliament between the two major parties (as predicted by Morgan pollsters) the leaders of those parties will seek (indeed need) the endorsement of Independent members. If I were in such an influential situation I would present your position and insist on the actions that you request.

Be assured of my support. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance. Make sure the parties sit up and pay attention to your vote.

Yours sincerely,

David Wright


You can download the letter:


Letter from David Wright (PDF, 16KB)

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