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Phoenix Rising: Interview with Dr Ken Friedman

Friday 25 April 2008

CFS Phoenix Phoenix Rising is an informative newsletter put out monthly by American CFS suffererCort Johnsonon his website CFS Phoenix.

You can subscribe to the newsletter as well as download each issue.

Once again Phoenix Rising has an interesting interview. This one’s with Dr Ken Friedman.

An Interview With Researcher, Advocate and Author Ken Friedman Ph.D. Part I (external link)

Here is Cort’s introduction to the interview:

Welcome to a special edition of Phoenix Rising. In this edition we begin a very busy month with the first part of a three part interview with Dr. Ken Friedman, researcher, federal advisory committee member, author, reseacher and father of a daughter with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)/fibromyalgia. Dr. Friedman, one of our busiest advocates, has his fingers in many pies.

In this first time ever interview with a past federal advisory committee member Part I Dr. Friedman talks bluntly about his time on the panel, the federal response to CFS, the difficulties CFS researchers face and the mindset he and others deal with in trying to change the culture in Washington.

You can find this interview at

Next week with the May CFSAC meeting coming up shortly I’ll pass along a summary of what happened in the last one. In these fascinating meetings we watch CFS professionals and advocates attempt to push, nudge, cajole, prod the federal government into a meaningful response to CFS. They also give us inside shots at what’s going at in the NIH and CDC CFS research programs. Among other tidbits we’ll learn why Dr. Reeves believes so many more women than men get CFS and how the Surgeon General just might get involved in CFS.

On May 12th we’ll have a special edition featuring an interview with the creator of CFS International Awareness Day, Tom Hennessey. Tom Hennessey and his organization RESCIND blazed quite a trail in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as they fought for recognition for this disease. After a severe relapse that continues to this day Tom had to curtail his efforts. Still as fiery as ever Tom talks about the early days of CFS advocacy, RESCIND and his thoughts on situation today.

After that we’ll pick up with the second and third parts of Dr. Friedman’s interviews as he talks about the research situation, an important publication, advocacy and the future of CFS.

Happy reading,

Yours truly,



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