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Ed Stafford's Amazon walk

Sunday 8 August 2010

Ed StaffordThe UK's ME Association reports:

On GMTV on Monday morning (August 9) - the end of Amazon Ed's huge adventure

GMTV cameras will be capturing the moment on Monday morning when Ed Stafford [pictured] and his Peruvian walking companion Cho jump into the sea at the end of their epic Amazon walk - which has taken well over over two and a half years.

Ed - one of whose good causes is the ME Association's Biobank Appeal - will have walked from the source of the Amazon in Peru to the mouth of this great river in Brazil. Originally, it was going to be a 4,000-mile hike.

But flood waters which needed avoiding, poor mapping of the river basin and failures in the GPS device turned it into a grinding trudge over of 7,000 miles – initially across desert then through mile upon mile upon mile of rainforest.

On the way, they've had to negotiate their safe passage with bandits, been locked up suspected of murder (they didn't do it!), and even had to dig a botfly out of Ed's skull. And, in the very early days, Ed even had a falling out with his original walking partner over who should have control of the iPod.

Ba Stafford, Ed's mum and an MEA trustee, will be in the studio in London expressing her delight, and hopefully plugging the biobank appeal.

Sorry, we don't at this moment know when this item will fit into the GMTV schedules on Monday morning (you may have to watch the whole show to catch it!). But we will put up the playback facility on our website as soon as possible afterwards.

Once Ed and Cho have caught their breath, and had a few well-deserved beers, they will fly home to Britain.

They'e expected to arrive at Heathrow to a double hero's welcome sometime on Wednesday (11 August).

And, on November 11, Ed is due to appear at the Royal Geographical Society in London to share a lecture platform with Sir Ranulph Fiennes, leader of the Transglobe Expedition. It will be a real Phineas Fogg moment, but so much better!

CNN are already running day-by-day stories on Ed and Cho, travel photographer Keith Duchatel is completing the last few miles with them and 'The Sun" carried a double-page spread about them a few days ago. There's also the prospect of a TV film about the whole expedition.

Their blog is at

And, if you've two or three pounds to spare, you will be most welcome to put it into Ed's ME biobank account.

Welcome back, boys!

The above originally appeared here.

The BBC also reports:

Ed Stafford to complete world first Amazon walk

Ed Stafford

A Leicestershire man is just days away from completing the longest jungle trek in history, following the entire length of the Amazon River.

Ed Stafford from Mowsley began his walk on 2 April 2008 at the source of the river in Peru and is expected to reach the Atlantic shore on 9 August 2010.

He will be the first person to successfully walk the 4,000 mile route.

The 34-year-old said, "Everyone told me it was impossible, and it made me want to prove them wrong."

During his time walking the Amazon Ed has been wrongly accused of murder, faced imprisonment, endured stings from hundreds of wasps, dodged venomous snakes and had concrete forced into his mouth by hostile tribes people.

Ed's current walking companion Gadiel 'Cho' Sanchez Rivera initially joined the expedition in August 2008 to "help this crazy man through a very dangerous area with drugs traffickers and hostile tribes".

However the pair are now firm friends and they are equally set on completing the whole trip together.

The World's leading explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes described Ed's trek as "truly extraordinary".

"No-one has ever done this before and the pundits considered the route impossible.

"If the distance wasn't challenge enough, the dense forest, biting insects, snakes, bogs, wilderness and uncertainty of what lay ahead would daunt the staunchest explorer.

"To do all this in more than 800 continuous days with just a backpack puts Stafford's endeavour in the top league of expeditions past and present," said Sir Ranulph.

When he reaches the shores of the Atlantic, after 859 days, Ed will actually have walked 6,000 miles in total due to being forced further inland than intended by flooding.

Find out more about Ed Stafford's adventure in our image gallery.

The above originally appeared here.



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