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eReader benefits for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Monday 23 January 2012


From's Adrienne Dellwo:


eReaderseReader Benefits for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Adrienne Dellwo, Guide
January 21, 2012

I got an eReader for Christmas, and not only do I love it, I've discovered several benefits for someone with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

  1. Convenience. If you've got insomnia, like me, it's great to be able to download a book at 2 a.m. It also saves you a trip to the store, which can be taxing for us.
  2. Light weight. My hands often get achy from holding onto a book, especially a heavy one. My eReader is easier to hold, and when my hands get tired, I can lay it on a lap desk or prop it up on a pillow - something that doesn't work with a book.
  3. Search feature. How often does brain fog strike while you're reading? I frequently find myself coming across a name and not being able to remember who that character is. Now, I can do a quick search and refresh my memory.
  4. Less clutter. We certainly don't need more stuff laying around, gathering dust (which many of us are allergic to.)

Of course, there are some possible drawbacks to consider. eReaders are expensive to buy, but if you read a lot you'll eventually save money because books are cheaper. You do have to learn the technical aspects, which can be difficult for the foggy headed. If you aren't tech savvy, you might want to have someone show you how to navigate. I haven't had any eye strain from the screen, but I know some people do better with paper. For me, since it's not lit up like a computer screen, it's a nice relief from my laptop or the TV.

If you're interested in getting an eReader, here's information to help you decide which one's best for you, from's Guide to Portables Jason Hidalgo: eReader Reviews.

Do you have an eReader? What do you like about it? What health-related benefits or drawbacks have you found? Leave your comments below!

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The above, with comments, originally appeared here.

One of the comments (by "Happy") added more advantages to an eReader:


(1) Happy (@HappyMECFS) says:

More advantages:

  1. If you put your e-Reader in a plastic zip-lock bag, you can read safely and easily in the tub. You can search on ebay in the shipping products section for recloseable bags that are the right size for your reader.
  2. You can increase or decrease the font size as needed when your eyes are feeling wonky. Some days, my vision is simply better than it is on other days.
  3. Most readers have a built in dictionary! Click on the word, and it pops up the definition. This is a huge aid in understanding things, particularly when you're feeling a bit too foggy to work things out from context.
  4. There are many many free books available to download. Think old classics: Dracula, Little Women, Great Expectations, Hamlet. But also, authors and publishers often make their books available for free or heavily discounted for publicity.

I highly highly recommend buying a cover for your ebook reader to protect the screen when it's not in use. (And if you're prone to lose things, make it a brightly coloured one, because it makes it so much easier to spot!) I sat up in bed once and my weight rested on my elbow which was accidentally on the screen. Amazon let me have the replacement at less than half the price of the original, but it was still an expensive mishap.



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