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Disaster survival with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Wednesday 31 October 2012


From's Adrienne Dellwo:


Hurricane SandyDisaster Survival with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Adrienne Dellwo, Guide
October 29, 2012

For all those East Coasters with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, I hope you and your family are in a safe place as Hurricane Sandy moves in.

Watching the coverage has me thinking about how difficult it would be to evacuate quickly when you have health problems. If you're in a potential evacuation area now, it would be a good idea to get some things together - medications, clothing, toiletries, and anything else you'd need to get through a couple of days away from home. Get your pet carriers stocked with food. Do everything you can now, before the situation and your body conspire to put you in danger.

I know for me, evacuating would be tough. Ideally, I'd need to take my CPAP (for sleep apnea), my TENS unit, all my meds and supplements, an extra asthma inhaler and my good pillow. Getting two kids packed up, plus the dog and the cat, would be difficult and incredibly stressful.

I'm thinking, while this is still on my mind, I should make a list of evacuation necessities and store it somewhere safe that I'll be sure to remember it. That way, if my brain shorts out during a stressful time, I'd still be able to get done what I needed to.

Meanwhile, I'm using email and social media to monitor some good friends on the East Coast, not to mention many of my co-workers in New York.

And for those who aren't directly impacted by the storm, my advice is to stay away from news coverage. It can be extremely stressful to sit and watch disaster unfold, and all it's going to do is put you into a flare. At most, check in now and then online, where you can read little bits of information rather than being immersed in TV images of destruction and devastation. It's not that we shouldn't care, it's that too much exposure generally makes us sicker, and that doesn't help anyone.

Take care of yourself, and for those in the path of the storm, know that we all feel for you and our thoughts are with you.


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The above, with comments, originally appeared here.


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