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Karina Hansen Home

Saturday 29 October 2016


From The ME Global Chronicle (via email):


Karina Hansen
Karina Hansen


October 26, 2016


To just a handful of people it was known already, amongst whom the editors of the MEGC, but now Karina and her parents gave personal permission to share it with the whole global ME-community, and especially with those who showed interest in her life during the last 44 months, by posting and commenting on walls, writing articles and blogs, sending her postcards on several occasions, writing the Danish parliament and the psychiatrists involved, twittering about her etc. etc.

We think the global community, as a whole, rendered her a tremendous service by all the support it gave without personally attacking psychiatrists Fink and Christensen, involved in Karina’s case, and thus showed how precious and mature it is. That, according to us, is a significant proof that we can handle and overcome all barriers between us and the final recognition of ME as an intensely severe, at times deathly disease. All signs are pointers to that truth.

On Monday 17th October Karina's parents Per & Ketty went to fetch her at the rehabilitation centre in Hammel, Jutland where she spent the last two years of her enforced removal from her ancestral home. No one could prevent Karina from accompanying her parents if she personally would consent to go home. Initially she was to stay home for one week on a holiday, but at the end of that week Per & Ketty called the staff of the rehabilitation centre that Karina had expressed the wish to stay home instead of returning. Part of the staff was very glad about this joyful situation.

At the request of Karina’s parents this has been kept silent by those who knew about it, as it wasn’t sure yet she would not return to the center. The first week at home Karina smiled when Ketty showed her the pages on Fb with all the people who are following her.

Top-lawyer Cristina Poblador will try and let return the custody over Karina to herself again (in case the court decides otherwise, one of the parents should be the guardian).

As this will involve considerable expenses, the credit balance of the fund Save4Children will be entirely used for that process. You can contribute to the fund via the link

It is extremely necessary to remove the custody of Karina by court order, for which funds are needed to pay Mrs. Poblador’s fees.

If there's more news about her condition, we will publish it on the wall of the ME Global Chronicle So off and on take a look there as well.

Many of the community had their share in communicating news about Karina throughout the years and it would take an entire page to mention them all. But we gladly make an exception for two persons:

Bente Stenfalk, a most valiant Danish ME-patient who was the contact between Karina’s parents and the ‘outside’ world and who with great wisdom and sense of discrimination shared only that news which was certain not to damage or be of disadvantage to Karina and her family.

Valerie Eliot Smith, British ME-patient and due to her ME, inactive lawyer, who all along has written several painstakingly detailed blogs on Karina and her precarious situation after informing herself thoroughly about the reality of the rumours and facts that were circulating:

As editors of the ME Global Chronicle and creators and maintainers of the fund Save4Children we are deeply indebted to both.

You can donate here:

Help Karina Hansen – donate to Save4Children - The ME ...


You might want to send Karina a postcard for her birthday on 7th November. Here’s her address once more:

Karina Hansen
Kløvermarken 8
7500 Holstebro, Denmark


The editorial staff

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