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Metabolomics Study Suggests Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be Oxidative Stress/Low Oxygen Disease

Tuesday 19 February 2019


From Health Rising:


Metabolomics has become a hot research topic in ME/CFS.

Metabolomics Study Suggests Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be Oxidative Stress/Low Oxygen Disease

"Disturbances in circulation and provision of oxygen to tissues could underlie many symptoms of ME/CFS." – The authors

By Cort Johnson
February 8, 2019
© 2019 ABC.

Metabolomics has quickly become one of the hottest research trends in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). The metabolomic work in ME/CFS started with the Australians, picked up speed when Ron Davis and Bob Naviaux took it up, and is now being done all over the place. Hanson, Unutmaz and Lipkin make up the short list of new researchers involved.

With Ian Likpin and the Simmaron Research Foundation producing the first metabolomics study of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), we should soon learn if the metabolomics profiles found thus far – which Hanson’s study reported have demonstrated an unusual consistency in ME/CFS – extend to the CSF and therefore the brain as well.

The Study

Prospective Biomarkers from Plasma Metabolomics of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Implicate Redox Imbalance in Disease Symptomatology. Arnaud Germain, David Ruppert, Susan M. Levine and Maureen R. Hanson. Metabolites 2018, 8(4), 90;

This study, partially funded by the Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI), demonstrated how hot a topic metabolomics has become. The SMCI did a clever thing when, seeing that ME/CFS samples from prior NIH awards to Dr. Hanson were available, paid Metabolon to analyze them for her.

This study was, with its 832 metabolites surveyed, easily the deepest single look into the metabolomics of ME/CFS ever. Metabolon, the company doing the analysis, broke down the metabolites found into eight super pathways and 83 (!) sub pathways, making its analysis a very fine-tuned one.

No magic bullet was found – no single metabolite is yet able to explain ME/CFS – but the study did point an arrow in a promising direction.


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