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ME/CFS South Australia Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


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'It Feels Like You've Run A Marathon Without Training'

Saturday 11 May 2019


From Australia's BodyAndSoul:


Susan Mackenzie
"I like to describe it as a hangover plus jetlag plus the flu."
(Image: Supplied. Source: BodyAndSoul)

'It feels like you've run a marathon without training'

What it's really like to live with chronic fatigue syndrome.

By Susan Mackenzie
May 10, 2019
News Pty Limited Copyright © 2019.

"What’s chronic fatigue syndrome?"

Someone asked me that the other day and I smiled. I smiled because I wasn’t sick anymore. Because chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) no longer rules my life. Because I recovered. I smiled because I know, rather intimately, exactly what chronic fatigue syndrome is. But go back half a decade and I didn’t know what CFS was, you were just tired all the time, right?


I like to describe CFS as a hangover plus jetlag plus the flu. It’s that bone-crushing tiredness when you’ve stumbled off a plane into a different time zone and are literally struggling to stay upright. It’s the foggy flu brain that won’t let thoughts run clearly and just wants you to sleep. It’s the headaches and nausea and sweats and aversion to noise from a massive night out, but you haven’t touched a drop of alcohol. It’s your entire body aching as if you’ve run a marathon without training, but all you did was walk to the bathroom. And it’s all of these combined, day in, day out. If you happen to be having a better day than normal and try and do something as normal as go to school or work or out for lunch, you can bet you’ll pay for it. Doctors call it ‘post-exertional malaise’, or in CFS lingo, ‘a crash’; symptoms flare and you wonder why you ever tried to do something as outlandish as leave the house.

In 2013, I was a fit, busy, bright and energetic young woman who was working full-time, studying my masters part-time, socialising a lot and just living life. I had no fears regarding my health: I was 27, I exercised, didn’t do drugs and tried to eat veggies, I was fine. Until I wasn’t. Until taking a shower became an overwhelming ordeal that sent me back to bed; until any intense emotion sapped me of the little energy I did have. Until I had such bad headaches, I’d convinced myself I had a brain tumour.

So began four and half years of chronic fatigue syndrome.


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