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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Article Rocks Top Medical Journal

Sunday 14 July 2019


From Health Rising:


Tony Komaroff
It took Tony Komaroff over thirty years to get
another ME/CFS paper published on JAMA.
This new paper, though, is a hitů

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Article Rocks Top Medical Journal

By Cort Johnson
July 11, 2019
Copyright 2019 National Pain Report.

It took Tony Komaroff over thirty years to get this done but it may have been worth it. Komaroff, Harvard doctor, researcher and ME/CFS advocate, has been studying, writing about and advocating for ME/CFS research since at least 1987 when he was the senior author on no less than four studies.

Over his long research history, he’s examined pathogens, the immune system, brain scans, hormones, the autonomic nervous system, cognition and others. His huge 1996 “health status” study demonstrated that people with ME/CFS were more functionally inhibited than people with congestive heart failure, type II diabetes mellitus, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, and depression. All in all, Komaroff has co-authored over 80 studies on ME/CFS.

Only three times has he been able to get something published in JAMA. Ironically, his first “ME/CFS” study – on chronic Epstein-Barr virus – way back in 1987 landed in JAMA. Except for a comment he got published in 1997, that was it until this year when he got “Advances in Understanding the Pathophysiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” article published.

Komaroff’s been doing overviews of ME/CFS for years. In 2015, he scored a coup when he got “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Real Illness” published in the most widely read general internal medicine journal – the Annals of Internal Medicine.

This is different – this is JAMA, the flagship journal of the American Medical Association – “the professional organizationfor physicians in the United States.” Reportedly “the most widely circulated general medical journal in the world”, JAMA is not a specialty journal; it doesn’t focus on neurology or immunology – it’s a general medical journal aimed primarily at doctors and medical students.

It gets around. JAMA states that its Impact Factor (51.3) is one of the highest in medicine and science, that its website gets almost 25 million visits a year, and that it has more than 750,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Getting this article published in JAMA means more than quite a few doctors and medical students are getting a new view of ME/CFS. It also means the editorial staff of JAMA believes Komaroff’s message – that ME/CFS is a real disease – has merit and that doctors should be exposed to it – a good sign.


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