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ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc aims to keep members informed of the various research projects, diets, medications, therapies etc. All communication, both verbal and written, is merely to disseminate information and not to make recommendations or directives.

Unless otherwise stated, the views expressed on this Web site are not necessarily the official views of the Society or its Committee and are not simply an endorsement of products or services.

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Treatment of Fibromyalgia by use of PEMF
Sunday 20 April 2014: A study carried out in a research hospital in Ankara Turkey provides evidence for the management of Fibromyalgia using a pulsed electromagnetic field.

2014 IACFS/ME Conference summary by Dr. Komaroff
Saturday 19 April 2014: US ME/CFS rsearcher Dr. Anthony Komaroff presents a video summary review of the 2014 IACFSME conference.

Mark Craig a Volt from the blue for Black Caps
Friday 18 April 2014: A profile of New Zealand cricketer Mark Craig.

92 Club: Bristol football fans to visit all 92 grounds for Invest In ME charity
Thursday 17 April 2014: Four UK football fans from Bristol are preparing to embark on a tour of all 92 football league grounds in 92 hours in aid of ME/CFS organisation Invest In ME.

Brain scans to detect Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Wednesday 16 April 2014: A study shows that positron emission tomography (PET) scans could potentially be used to diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

University of Derby painkiller questionnaire
Tuesday 15 April 2014: People are invited to take part in a research study, overseen by the UK's University of Derby, which is investigating painkiller use in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Marked improvement of pain from long-term Fibromyalgia
Monday 14 April 2014: A research paper entitled "Marked improvement of pain from long-term fibromyalgia with dextroamphetamine sulfate in a woman who failed to improve with conventional pharmacologic treatment".

Toxic Reform petition
Sunday 13 April 2014: A call to sign a petition from Australian consumer advocate organisation Choice.

Society seminar report
Saturday 12 April 2014: A report of the society's 21 March seminar, by committee secretary Peter Mitchell and president James Hackett.

Online learning for students with disabilities
Friday 11 April 2014: Online Colleges Database has recently published a new resource that supports the families and students with disabilities: " Online Learning for Students with Disabilities."

Allergies, Fibromyalgia, or Mast Cell Activation?
Thursday 10 April 2014: Though an allergy can evoke chronic health issues, Mast Cell Activation Disorder can present as many conditions like Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

Neuroinflammation in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: direct evidence at last
Wednesday 9 April 2014: New research provides evidence of neuroinflammation in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), thus providing support for the alternative name Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Swiss building provides refuge for the hypersensitive
Tuesday 8 April 2014: A block of flats in Switzerland has been purpose built for people who say exposure to everyday products like perfume, hand lotion or wireless devices make them so sick they cannot function.

Fibromyalgia drug being researched in Tuscaloosa
Monday 7 April 2014: A US-based biotech company is finished with phase two of testing for a drug that could help Fibromyalgia patients.

My perfect weekend: Martine McCutcheon, singer
Sunday 6 April 2014: 37-year-old UK singer/actress Martine McCutcheon on finally recovering from ME/CFS and financial problems and making her musical comeback.

Tooth/mouth problems in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Saturday 5 April 2014:'s Adrienne Dellwo discusses a common problem with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia patients.

Volunteers wanted for Flinders University survey
Friday 4 April 2014: Researchers at Flinders University are seeking past patients, family members and carers of people to share stories about recent experiences in hospital.

Family offers free home-made soup
Thursday 3 April 2014: A Soup-er UK family is giving away their home-made dish for free to people who are battling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Fibromyalgia exercise studies: what works and why?
Wednesday 2 April 2014: A trio of new studies that focus on exercise show some interesting results, largely because we don't know why exercise – in studies, anyway – appears to consistently improve some Fibromyalgia symptoms.

DSM-5 criteria useless in Fibromyalgia: experts
Tuesday 1 April 2014: Virtually all Fibromyalgia patients would be classified as having a mental disease under the DSM-5's new criteria for somatic symptom disorder, a study confirms.


Disabled UK woman studies degree to help pay bills
Monday 31 March 2014: A disabled Stoke-on-Trent woman in her 50s has been forced to sign up for a university degree – so she can afford to live.

Dr Hugh Derham DVD
Sunday 30 March 2014: The ME/CFS Society of Western Australia has a DVD of a talk given by ME/CFS specialist Dr Hugh Derham.

Neuroinflammation in patients with ME/CFS
Saturday 29 March 2014: Medical research entitled "Neuroinflammation in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: An 11C-(R)-PK11195 PET Study."

Pain Management Network
Friday 28 March 2014: A website created by New South Wales Health to help chronic pain patients.

John Rutter – M.E. is real. I know, I had it for seven years
Thursday 27 March 2014: A letter from British composer John Rutter published in The Spectator in response to an earlier article by Rod Liddle denying the existence of ME/CFS.

The Stanford study
Wednesday 26 March 2014: An analysis of a study involving cytokines in ME/CFS patients.

Newry M.E/Fibromyalgia support group celebrates £1000 donation
Tuesday 25 March 2014: An Irish charity which provides patient support group meetings with specialist speakers to help patients manage their illness has been awarded £1,000 as part of Progressive Building Society’s Community Awards Scheme.

FDA wants to fast-track drugs for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Monday 24 March 2014: The US Food and Drug Administration is putting out guidance for drug companies on how they can quickly get drugs approved for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

10 celebrities with Fibromyalgia
Sunday 23 March 2014: A list of 10 well-known people with Fibromyalgia.

Interview: Professor Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik
Saturday 22 March 2014: A Get It Magazine profile of Australian ME/CFS researcher Professor Sony Marshall-Gradisnik.

Society seminar reminder
Friday 21 March 2014: A reminder that the society's next seminar will be held tomorrow (Saturday 22 March 2014).

Press release from Rebecca Hansen
Thursday 20 March 2014: News about Karina Hansen, a young Danish woman with ME/CFS being held against her will in a psychiatrict facility.

Woman with chemical allergies lives outdoors to avoid illness
Wednesday 19 March 2014: For Vanessa Gaudette, living in a tent brings relief from a nightmare known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Cluster system helps categorize Fibromyalgia severity
Tuesday 18 March 2014: Using a comprehensive symptom panel, researchers have proposed a system of categorizing patients with Fibromyalgia into clusters subsets, described in a new study.

Music decreases pain and increases functional mobility in Fibromyalgia
Monday 17 March 2014: A study in which the researchers wanted to investigate the analgesic effects of music in Fibromyalgia pain.

Interdisciplinary Fibromyalgia treatment benefits sustained
Sunday 16 March 2014: Patients with Fibromyalgia treated with an intensive disciplinary rehabilitation program show clinically significant improvements as long as 12 months after discharge from the program, according to a new study.

Chronic Fatigue researcher to publish book
Saturday 15 March 2014: Judy Mikovits, the controversial researcher who claimed to establish a link between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the XMRV virus, has coauthored a book set to publish in May.

Mississauga Junior Citizen honoured by Lieutenant Governor
Friday 14 March 2014: Justina Marianayagam, a 17-year-old Canadian Fibromyalgia sufferer, has won a Junior Citizen of the Year Award for her inspiring community involvement.

Pain physicians and pharmacists panned by patients in survey
Thursday 13 March 2014: The results of an online survey of pain patients conducted by the US's National Pain Foundation.

FDA drafts patient-centric CFS guidance
Wednesday 12 March 2014: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a new draft guidance document intended to expedite the development of drugs to treat ME/CFS.

ME/CFS video: "Mom Needs To Lie Down Now"
Tuesday 11 March 2014: This 11-minute video from Canada, featuring a doctor and three patients, might be ideal to help your family and friends understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a bit better.

Fibromyalgia now widely recognized as requiring multimodal approach
Monday 10 March 2014: An article by Rosemary Frei, published in Clinical Pain Medicine.

Affordable US colleges for students with disabilities
Sunday 9 March 2014: A guide to US college financing for students with disabilities.

Petition: Stop the HHS-IOM contract
Saturday 8 March 2014: A petition to be delivered to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the US department of Health and Human Services.

Vote for one ME charity a month in the 'Big Break' voting contest
Friday 7 March 2014: This year four UK ME/CFS charities have agreed to be voted for in different months of the Direct Debit Big Break voting competition.

'Managing to walk down the aisle without collapsing made it my dream wedding'
Thursday 6 March 2014: Bride Tamsin Morgan says her big day was made all the more perfect because she was able to walk.

Fibromyalgia patients found to have low melatonin levels
Wednesday 5 March 2014: A study entitled "The involvement of melatonin in the clinical status of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome".

Mitochondrial dysfunctions in ME/CFS explained
Tuesday 4 March 2014: A research paper entitled "Mitochondrial dysfunctions in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome explained by activated immuno-inflammatory, oxidative and nitrosative stress pathways".

Effects of exercise on serotonin in Fibromyalgia
Monday 3 March 2014: The results of a study entitled "Effects of physical exercise on serum levels of serotonin and its metabolite in fibromyalgia: a randomized pilot study".

How Fibromyalgia is often undertreated
Sunday 2 March 2014: A video in which Dr. Kevin White explains how many doctors undertreat Fibromyalgia as well as why they should be much more vigilant with their FM patients.

Malta's Green Party applauds recognition of ME and FM as chronic diseases
Saturday 1 March 2014: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia require state support for early diagnosis and ongoing treatment, Malta's Green Party, Alternattiva Demokratika, says.


Survey results: insomnia
Friday 28 February 2014: The results of an ongoing survey asking Fibromyalgia patients about their experiences with, and management of, insomnia.

Exercise and oxygen shortage in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Thursday 27 February 2014: New research underscores the fact of exercise intolerance in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and helps us understand why it exists.

Vitamin B12 and folate study funded
Wednesday 26 February 2014: The US's Open Medicine Foundation has announced that their MTHFR, B12, and Folate placebo-controlled clinical trial is moving ahead thanks to the generosity of its many donors.

Examining case definition criteria for CFS and ME
Tuesday 25 February 2014: A study that looked at the current criteria for defining ME/CFS.

Woman describes condition as like 'having a headache all over your body'
Monday 24 February 2014: A UK woman who suffers from Fibromyagia is appealing for volunteers for the support group she set up three years ago.

Criteria for the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia
Sunday 23 February 2014: Validation of the 2011 modification of the 2010 American College of Rheumatology Preliminary Criteria for the Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, published in Arthritis Care & Research.

UK projects share lottery funding
Saturday 22 February 2014: People in the UK whose lives are affected by severe ME/CFS will benefit after a charity secured more than £290,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.

One year with Dr. Chia: A CFS patient reports
Friday 21 February 2014: ME/CFS patient Christine McLaughlin reports on her 14-month treatment by Dr. John Chia.

Men with Fibromyalgia experienced greater sleep respiratory disorders than women
Thursday 20 February 2014: Men with Fibromyalgia experienced more alterations in sleep respiratory patterns compared with women with the condition, according to study results.

Central sensitization in Fibromyalgia?
Wednesday 19 February 2014: A study that "systematically review[ed] the literature addressing pain-induced changes in the brain related to central sensitization in patients with fibromyalgia". New patient community seeks to turn patient sharing into a tool for research
Tuesday 18 February 2014: A profile of HealClick, an online resource for chronic pain sufferers.

A life of pain with Fibromyalgia
Monday 17 February 2014: A profile of Irish Fibromyalgia sufferer Venita Coughlin.

Society seminars for 2014
Sunday 16 February 2014: A list of ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc's seminars for 2014.

Imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants found in Fibromyalgia patients
Saturday 15 February 2014: A study published in Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology entitled "Is fibromyalgia-related oxidative stress implicated in the decline of physical and mental health status?".

Interview: Ian Lipkin's million dollar apeal for microbiome study
Friday 14 February 2014: An interview with US ME/CFS specialist Dr Ian Lipkin about his latest plans.

British doctor wants to rescue ME patient held at Danish hospital
Thursday 13 February 2014: British doctor, Nigel Speight, who specializes in the devastating disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) has joined an international bid to free a young ME patient who was incarcerated in a Danish hospital a year ago.

Disability public meeting in Adelaide Town Hall
Wednesday 12 February 2014: The Intellectual Disability Association of SA and Disability Speaks will be presenting a meeting in Adelaide Town Hall.

US insurance company loses Fibromyalgia lawsuit
Tuesday 11 February 2014: A US insurance company lost a lawsuit as a result of not recognising Fibromyalgia as a physical illness.

Long-term evaluation of opioid treatment in Fibromyalgia
Monday 10 February 2014: The results of a 12-month study in which the effect of opioid use on outcomes in 1700 adult patients with Fibromyalgia was evaluated.

The Low FODMAP Diet app
Sunday 9 February 2014: A YouTube video featuring Monash University's Low FODMAP Diet iPhone app.

The 2nd International Symposium for CFS/ME
Saturday 8 February 2014: Dr Rosaumnd Valling's report of The 2nd International Symposium for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which was held on Australia's Gold Coast in December 2013.

Does Chronic Fatigue Syndrome need a new name?
Friday 7 February 2014: NPR's Miriam E. Ticker discusses the possible need to change the name "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".

First evidence-based diagnostic criteria published for temporomandibular disorders
Thursday 6 February 2014: The first evidence-based diagnostic criteria have been developed to help health professionals better diagnose a group of often-painful jaw conditions known as temporomandibular disorders.

Imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants found in Fibromyalgia patients
Wednesday 5 February 2014: Research entitled "Is fibromyalgia-related oxidative stress implicated in the decline of physical and mental health status".

Decreased oxygen extraction for patients with CFS
Tuesday 4 February 2014: Research that investigates "insufficient metabolic adaptation to exercise" in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Researchers find possible biological basis for Fibromyalgia
Monday 3 February 2014: Researchers have discovered a potential biological basis for Fibromyalgia in patients' skin.

How the name "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" obscures a serious illness
Sunday 2 February 2014: ME/CFS advocates and patients in the US argue that the disease isn't well understood by the medical community, and this is in part due to a continued stigma caused by its unserious-sounding name.

Isolation in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Saturday 1 February 2014:'s Adrienne Dellwo discusses one of the effects of suffering from ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia.


Multivitamin mineral supplementation in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Friday 31 January 2014: A study that suggests vitamin and mineral supplement could be a safe and easy way to improve symptoms and quality of life in patients with CFS.

Superfish suffering from chronic fatigue
Thursday 30 January 2014: Just days after being named Young Australian of the Year, Paralympic swimmer Jacqueline Freney has revealed she is battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Is some "treatment-resistant depression" actually Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Wednesday 29 January 2014: New research suggests that some cases labeled "treatment-resistant depression" are, in fact, undiagnosed ME/CFS.

Federal grants awarded to DePaul psychology professor Leonard A. Jason
Tuesday 28 January 2014: Leonard A. Jason, a DePaul University psychology professor, has received a $2 million grant for a five-year study that focuses on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome among children.

Hundreds of pounds raised for new UK chronic pain group
Monday 27 January 2014: Tenants and housing association staff in the UK have raised hundreds of pounds for a new support group for people suffering chronic pain.

Skin-related symptoms in Fibromyalgia
Sunday 26 January 2014: A study that attempted to identify the various types of skin problems experienced by Fibromyalgia patients and determine how common they are.

Disabled biker to ride point-to-point on 'biggest trike in Britain'
Saturday 25 January 2014: A disabled biker is planning an ambitious charity run on what he claims is the biggest trike in Britain.

Fibromyalgia research: where we hurt most
Friday 24 January 2014:'s Adrienne Dellwo discusses the results of a survey that lists specific types of Fibromyalgia pain.

Deficient EBV-specific B- and T-cell response in patients with CFS
Thursday 23 January 2014: A study that substantiates a theory that CFS is a form of chronic mononucleosis.

Diseases can stigmatize
Wednesday 22 January 2014: Leonard A. Jason discusses the effects of naming a disease.

These two supplements may reduce Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue
Tuesday 21 January 2014: Individuals who suffer from Fibromyalgia may reduce their symptoms with magnesium and malic acid.

The shame of biomedical research in the US
Monday 20 January 2014: An article by the White House Chronicle's Llewellyn King.

Circadian rhythm of cortisol in Fibromyalgia
Sunday 19 January 2014: A study entitled "Circadian rhythm of serum cortisol in female patients with fibromyalgia syndrome."

Vitamin D supplements can reduce chronic pain
Saturday 18 January 2014: A study has found that Vitamin D supplements can improve the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Fundraising for ME/CFS Alert
Friday 17 January 2014: Llewellyn King, journalist and creator the ME/CFS Alert series of YouTube videos, is asking for donations to help him continue making the videos.

Faces of pot: Medical marijuana user
Thursday 16 January 2014: A profile of Canadian medical marijuana user, Matt Mernagh, who suffers from Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, and seizures caused by an inoperable brain tumour.

Cough suppressant may ease Fibromyalgia pain
Wednesday 15 January 2014: A medication normally used to quiet a stubborn cough may also help ease the chronic pain of Fbromyalgia, a small study suggests.

Centralized pain may warn of poor opioid response
Tuesday 14 January 2014: Patients with centralized pain syndromes, such as Fibromyalgia, may have a poor response to opioids, research suggests.

Online support for chronic illness sufferers
Monday 13 January 2014: A University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student hopes a website she's part of launching will help people living with chronic illnesses manage their symptoms better and potentially help find a cure.

Out of darkness comes light
Sunday 12 January 2014: A profile of bed-bound photographer Penny Clare.

"Snap out of it" response to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Depression
Saturday 11 January 2014: An article by's Adrienne Dellwo.

Metal allergy can trigger Fibromyalgia
Friday 10 January 2014: A study that looked at the frequency and clinical relevance of metal allergy in Fibromyalgia patients.

Valentines Variety Extravaganza
Thursday 9 January 2014: Adelaide dancer Jariel Mystique has organised an evening of variety to raise funds for ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc.

Lyme: a four letter word
Wednesday 8 January 2014: A broadcast on ABC National Radio's Background Briefing program about the prevalence of Lyme disease in Australia.

Yoga has potential to relieve Fibromyalgia pain, study says
Tuesday 7 January 2014: Research conducted at Oregon Health and Science University indicates that a regular practice of Hatha yoga, combined with meditation, breathing exercises and the development of coping skills, relieves the severity of the widespread pain associated with Fibromyalgia.

Can recovery of peripheral muscle function predict cognitive task performance?
Monday 6 January 2014: A study that examined whether recovery of upper limb muscle function could be a significant predictor of cognitive performance in patients with CFS and CFS with comorbid Fibromyalgia.

Sensory overload in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 5 January 2014:'s Adrienne Dellwo a common problem for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia.

Believing and valuing the patient must be central part of Fibromyalgia therapy
Saturday 4 January 2014: A study entitled "A meta-ethnography of patients' experience of chronic non-malignant musculoskeletal pain".

Cognitive function in people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Friday 3 January 2014: The results of a study that found no difference between the cognitive performance of patients with CFS and healthy controls.

Fibromyalgia patient sets example for others
Thursday 2 January 2014: A profile of Canadian Fibromyalgia sufferer Angela Roberts.

Happy New Year
Wednesday 1 January 2014: All of us here at ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc wish you a Happy New Year.

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