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ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc aims to keep members informed of various research projects, diets, medications, therapies, news items, etc. All communication, both verbal and written, is merely to disseminate information and not to make recommendations or directives.

Unless otherwise stated, the views expressed on this Web site are not necessarily the official views of the Society or its Committee and are not simply an endorsement of products or services.


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Vice-President’s Report
March 2001

1: Introduction
2: Who’s going to...?
3: Why a high turnover?
4: Independent teams
5: Issues to address
6: The way forward?
7: Conclusion

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Vice-President’s Report (continued)

Who’s going to look out for us?

Unfortunately no-one. If we are going to make progress we are the ones who will have to forge the way ahead. I know it’s tough, but it’s time for us to pull together, and for ‘the tough to get going.’ We must actively seek to shape our destiny.

The people who shape world history, and actually make a difference are the determined ones – people willing to make a sacrifice. It’s not necessarily the ones who are the smartest, most-gifted or enjoy full health. I never met her but I hear our founding President, Lyn Drysdale, was a remarkable person. She would organise the society and counsel people from her sick-bed; and at all hours of the day and night. She wouldn’t let her poor health be a barrier to helping others – she is a great example to us all.

We have a big task ahead of us, and we are at a critical point in ME/CFS history in Australia – the revised clinical guidelines are due out sometime soon. We need to be ready to debate and critique them strongly. (They guide GPs in how to treat ME/CFS.) More about them in the next issue.

To move ahead we mustn’t ignore the difficulties we face in our society. Membership is down (and even when its been higher we had only the tip of the iceberg) and that places a financial strain on the society – especially as we now have to pay more rent for our office. And, as most members who take an interest in the running of the society would know, we have had a constant turnover of management committee members over the last few years.

This has meant a lack of continuity. I can’t express strongly enough how difficult it is for an organisation to grow/develop if every year its management committee has to re-invent the wheel. Frankly, whilst that wheel is getting re-invented, so much other stuff is not being worked on. And so this new management committee finds itself slowly working its way out of a big hole. Having been elected in February it will take several months for us to come to terms with our roles and responsibilities. It’s not an ideal situation.

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